Global Heir Tracers

International Tracing Made Simple

Have you received a letter from us?
If you have received a letter from us it is most likely because our client needs to contact you.

This is often because you have an entitlement or pay-out from a pension, insurance policy, or some other investment that you have forgotten about or that has become dormant.

GHT’s is retained by financial institutions, pension trustees and administrators and other official bodies to locate individuals where existing contact details appear to be out of date..

It is important that you call us as soon as possible. Please contact us on 01280 416000 or +44 1280 416000 if calling from abroad.

A new dynamic in tracing services

At the heart of our business is the supply of tracing services to the financial industry.

We help locate pension members, account holders and shareholders who appear to have moved address or are now living overseas.

What we deliver is really quite simple.

How we achieve it is rather more complex.

GHT Globe

From the very start GHT was built with the concept of delivering superlative levels of service in the most emphatic and holistic way possible.

These foundations are at the heart of our everyday working lives.

Our passion for excellence, our restless pursuit to innovate and our endless desire to delight is what defines us and all that we do.

We believe that we are helping …. that we make a difference to our clients and their customers …. and that really matters to us.

Our Key Services

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Member Tracing

Member Screening

Fraud Investigation

Using deep dive and forensic investigation techniques we follow the digital footprint left by your members and customers.

Our work combines the use of international data bases, social and business media and sophisticated genealogical resources.

Critical to our success is that each and every located member is contacted personally to ensure that full verification and correct identity is assured.

We don’t simply database match and as a consequence we guarantee our results are 100% accurate.

Pensioners living overseas present a unique issue when it comes to audit and compliance.

Confirming identity, document checking and correct contact details all present a challenge.

Timezones and the physical location outside of the UK increase the complexity when you need to perform identity check or sample verifications as part of your due diligence.

GHT has a defined process that is undertaken on a one to one basis to ensure that your member is contacted and verified against a predetermined set of security parameters as set by you.

We recognise that prevention is better than cure and our tracing and screening services provide an excellent insurance against the ever present risk of fraud against your scheme.

However in a survey on the benefits of combating fraud, enabling companies to address the issue ahead of payment ranked as the highest priority for 60% of respondents.

Adopting a strategy that emphasises early detection of fraud our specialist investigators regularly undertake multiple or individual cases with he utmost discretion and sensitivity.

Please ask for further detail.